Serenity COVID-19 Protocols


COVID-19 Staff Protocols 

How are the decisions regarding the adaptions at Serenity being made?

The decisions on how to implement safety precautions have come from several sources. First, the Ohio Governor and the Ohio Department of Health have made specific suggestions for salons and spas. Second, the State Board of Cosmology, the Ohio Board of Massage Therapy, and all governing bodies of our modalities/services have also made specific recommendations. In addition, the Serenity management team including the owners, have brainstormed additional specific precautions. Lastly, additional input/suggestions have been gained from Serenity staff and clients.

*Please note, if there is a precaution you would like to see for your specific appointment and you do not see it on this list, please notify us and we will accommodate any customized requests that we are able to.

What additional protocols are being implemented at Serenity?

Although we have always taken pride in the cleanliness and sanitation of our facility, we have added multiple protocols due to the coronavirus.

1. We will be disinfecting all hot spots (door knobs, chairs, bathrooms, etc..) every 30 minutes.

2. All Serenity staff including therapists, front desk, and management will be following the CDC’s recommendation in regards to wearing masks.

3. Staff will consistently wash their hands and use hand sanitizer between clients, when handling money and after touching a service area. 

4. We are removing several chairs in our waiting areas and will practice social distancing between clients. 

5. Serenity will continue deep cleaning the facility twice per day along with disinfecting hot spots every 30 minutes. In addition, we will regularly have our facility professionally fogged for the coronavirus. 

6. We have brand new furnaces in both Serenity facilities with upgraded circulation features expelling the air to the outside versus recirculating it. We also have new, upgraded filters in both facilities as recommended by the Ohio Department of Health. 

What if a staff member or their immediate family gets diagnosed with COVID-19?

If a staff member tests positive, they will be asked to not return to work until they have self-quarantined for at least 10 days and have received a release from a doctor to return to work. If someone in their immediate family is tested and it is confirmed that they do indeed have the virus, we would ask that the staff member quarantine and not come to work unless they take a test and test negative. Even if they test negative, we would assure that they are able to quarantine away from that particular family member for 10 days.

How long will Serenity implement these additional precautions?

Unfortunately, we have no idea how long this virus will be with us, but it is predicted that it will be here for at least a year. That is the prediction on when our country will have a vaccine. With that said, we would assume that these changes will be with us until then. Some of the changes will be indefinite as they will continue to help protect staff and clients from all viruses and not just the Coronavirus.

COVID-19 Client Protocols

In order to ensure the safety of all involved, we are asking that our clients also help us limit the spread of the coronavirus.

1. All clients are asked to wash their hands prior to their service. 

2. We encourage clients to approve payment with their credit card on file in order to reduce interaction. When a client needs to cash out in our store, we have the floor marked to assure social distancing.

3. Please do not bring guests to accompany you during your service.

4. We have multiple private or semi private waiting areas for clients who need to fill out paperwork.

5. We now have curbside pickup for gift certificates and retail products. 

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