Curbside Pickup for Gift Certificates & Retail Products


 1. When does Serenity offer curbside pickup?

We are offering curbside pickup for gift certificates and retail products seven days a week.

2. What are your curbside hours?

Curbside hours are 9:00am-9:00pm.

3. What am I able to purchase using curbside pickup?

Clients may purchase any Serenity gift certificate for either location, as well as retail products including skin care, make-up, and more.

4. Which Serenity location will I go to for my gift certificates and retail products?

Curbside service will only be offered at Serenity Health & Wellness Center.

1685 Lance Pointe Drive in Maumee.

*Reminder, Serenity Nail Salon gift certificates will also be available for curbside pickup at the wellness center.


5. How do I place a curbside pickup order?

Step 1: Call Serenity at 419-891-2181, choose option 3 and place your order.

Step 2: Pay for your purchase with a credit/debit card or using a VIP benefit.

Step 3: Drive to Serenity Health & Wellness Center and call us when you arrive.

Our phone number is 419-891-2181

Step 4: Wait in your car and a Serenity staff member, wearing appropriate safety attire, will bring your purchased items and receipt to your car.

*You may pop your trunk and have your items and receipt placed directly in your trunk if you’d prefer.

Step 5: Enjoy!


6. What if I want to pay with cash or a check?

We can accept any form of payment for your gift certificate and retail purchases.

7. How long will Serenity offer curbside pick up?

We are extending curbside pickup indefinitely due to COVID-19 concerns.

8. Has Serenity re-opened for appointments yet?

We are currently open and taking appointments. Please call us to schedule your appointments today!

9. Am I able to call ahead of time and schedule a day and time for the pick up of my gift certificate or does it need to be done on the same day?

 Yes, you may schedule a pickup as long as it is between the designated times of the curbside offering.

10. Is anyone able to take advantage of Serenity’s specials and curbside pick up or only current customers?

Yes! We welcome all clients-existing and new to take advantage of these specials and the curbside option.



Thank you for your support during this challenging time! We truly appreciate you!








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