Body Scrubs & Wraps

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Explore our many options for a wrap, scrub, or both!


All 70-Minute Wraps: $99 

Indulge in exquisite bliss! These delicious body wraps will infuse the skin with transforming nutrients that hydrate, tone, purify or soften your body. Choose from guacamole, pumpkin, chocolate and more! Each mask is customized specifically for your skin’s needs.


All 70-Minute Scrubs: $99

This is a luxurious sweet treat that gently exfoliates the entire body to perfection with a variety of exotic fruit enzymes, sugar or salt scrubs customized specifically for your skin’s needs.


All 90-Minute Wrap & Scrubs: $149

Combine two of our most popular services into one! This luxurious 90-minute wrap & scrub combines the best of both worlds to exfoliate, rehydrate, tone and soften your skin leaving you with the softest skin around.